NAME has been my piano instructor for over YEARS except for a not-so-brief hiatus when I pursued undergraduate studies abroad. We have explored all genres together, and he is as adept at classical piano as he is jazz and NAME ANOTHER GENRE. I am currently enrolled at the NAME OF INSTITUTION in PROGRAM, and he continues to be a mentor, friend, and all-around inspiration. Although all piano teachers claim that teaching is their first love, this is especially true for NAME. My interactions with other talented students and university faculty have confirmed what I suspected even at the age of AGE when I first sat down at his desk/piano: NAME is one of the most talented pianists I will ever encounter. His skills are exceptional, and it is this rare combination of raw talent with a courteous, light-hearted, and genuine concern for his students’ development and overall well-being that make him the best of piano teachers for students of all skill levels and ages.

My relationship with NAME began when I was AGE. My older SIBLING came home from his/her own piano lessons, and I was captivated. I too wanted to make such beautiful music and dance my fingers across the ivory keys. While today I am a committed musician and artist in training, to be perfectly honest, as a child and (especially) teenager, I was a somewhat lackadaisical student. Even on the days when I had not completed all of my assigned practices, I always looked forward to my sessions with NAME. It was never a chore, and his patience with my intermittent effort was a blessing. Each lesson, no matter how much or little work I had put in at home, was both engaging and demanding..

NAME is a member of a distinguished lineage of pianists – the greats of our time. The thousands of hours we have spent together has made me feel like I too participate in this renowned heritage – but the experience has always been tailored to my specific needs and hopes for the future. I remember when NAME and I first starting our work on jazz when I was AGE. Our improvisations sessions together, side-by-side, are some of my fondest memories. It was with NAME that I first realized the incredible thrill and joy of playing for the sake of playing. He never forces his students to participate in recitals or performances, but instead always gives his devoted attention to our needs, hopes, and dreams. To that end, NAME embraced new technologies as they have developed over the past three decades, although I actually miss receiving his hand-written sheets of music at the end of a lesson.

If you are looking for a piano teacher who will foster a child’s musical development, be a caring and supportive mentor to a young adult, and inspire everyone with his talent, you can stop looking. NAME is the right choice for you!