5. Alignment of characters who are free-spirited and unpredictable
6. Aid
8. Shorthand for a blow dealing exceptional damage
9. Wealthy
10.Alignment of characters who respect life and altruism
11.Call for 6-Across, in Morse Code
13.Liquid that dries into a hard, protective coating
15.Unfairly using information obtained outside the in-game universe
16.Related to slender, magical humanoids with an otherworldly bent
17.A light source generated by combustion
18.Close combat
21.Foot’s digits
22.Physical resilience
25.Organ that pumps blood
27.Any spell not derived from a divine source
28.Accuracy and agility
29.Common sense and spirituality
31.A nanny or a billy
34.On every side

1. Critical failure
2. Social skills
3. Magic specializations like conjuration and necromancy
4. The order in which players and enemies take their turns in combat
7. Long-handled spoon with a bowl cup used for serving soups and stews
12.A character who is weak in battle but contributes other aptitudes to the party (2 words)
14.Female royalty
15.Character with heavy armour and ability to recover quickly
17.Acquired abilities that improve combat and skill checks
20.Combat from a distance
23.Tiny pie
24.A regular short, sharp sound, especially that made by a clock or watch.
26.Humanoid of demonic lineage
30.Stout and hardy humanoids
32.Stupid, clumsy person
33.Preposition denoting motion in a particular direction