I’m proud to announce the beginning of a new and recurring commitment: a free, interdisciplinary writing workshop for current LAC students on Friday afternoons from 12h30 to 15h at 2040 Mackay (Concordia’s RR building).

At the Liberal Arts College’s 40th Anniversary Reunion in mid-September, I had the pleasure to meet a current cohort of students who are especially engaged with both their curriculum and the world beyond university walls. The faculty and alumni were inspiring in their tales of how the LAC with its focus on primary source readings and small, seminar-style classes helped them succeed in so many different projects and contexts.

Most remarkable to me was how much more multicultural the current student body is than that which I remember from fifteen years ago. What a delight it must be to have people from such diverse backgrounds participating in group discussions! ESL writers, however, face special challenges in mastering the conventions of written English. Each field has different expectations that are hard to navigate and not always obvious. For that reason, I have agreed to spend Friday afternoons in the foyer of the LAC building coaching current students to help them meet their writing goals, hone their craft, and better express their ideas and findings with the global community.