It’s always a joyful occasion when a beta-reading client releases their work to the public! Mike Slavin, a regular client and seasoned writer of non-fiction, has finally listed “Life-Changing Money” on Amazon this past week. I first started working with Mike as a beta-reader on his full-length novel forthcoming in late 2019, Kill Crime. This sixty-four page prequel is a lighter introduction to Case’s world than the murder mystery that will follow.

Life-Changing Money: A Kill Crime/Jeff Case Short StoryLife-Changing Money: A Kill Crime/Jeff Case Short Story by Mike Slavin
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This book is well put together. It's short, and the story unfolds at a quick pace. The mystery that Jeff and Becky get caught up in is explained to the reader in the opening pages, so this won't satisfy someone looking to "outsmart" a protagonist. If you're looking for a fast read on the beach or an airplane where the good guy gets his man and you get a chuckle, however, this is an excellent choice. Becky and Jeff are likable. The little-old-lady on a hit list is entertaining. And the criminals are buffoons.

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