I admit that I am something of a ludite. I refuse to bring a cellphone when walking the dog. I prefer reading a book to an e-reader unless at the beach or lying in bed. I insist on copy-editing long documents on paper with a Sakura micron pen. Obviously, I love mail that requires postage.

Late last month, I stumbled upon Postcrossing, a lovely international project that allows people to share brief snapshots of their local environments with others who care enough to buy a postcard and a stamp. The system is beautiful in its simplicity: Register to send a postcard. Send it. When the recipient confirms receipt, someone else sends a postcard to you. I am now one of over 700,000 members. Joining is free. You should too!

Postcards are both a wonderful way to practice small talk and an opportunity to reflect on our immediate surroundings. It’s also been a pleasure to be reminded of just how much I enjoy writing when there is no pressure to impress — free of deadlines and expectations, I can relish communicating with people across great distances in time and space.

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