It’s not that often that NDAs or the imposed anonymity of freelancing interfaces like Fiverr and PeopleperHour don’t preclude my sharing some of the work of which I am most proud with prospective and repeat clients. It is, thus, a real pleasure to discuss the catalogue at Fractured Scary Tales Publishing. Kevin M. Glover, producer of the cult classic feature Venus Flytrap, is both founder and publisher of this small press releasing regular installments full-colour comic books anthology that are both playful and reverent towards horror and sci-fi classics.

Kevin M. Glover first reached out to me more than two years ago now to help him prepare kid-friendly crosswords suitable for inclusion in an upcoming issue. Since then, it has been a continuing delight to see my film and TV trivia-filled grids appear in fiction that’s accessible and fun. A very big change from the more academic texts that take up so much of my time, indeed! Issues cost between 5 and 12 USD and are online through the publisher’s website, or you can stop by their table at a 2019 Horror and Comic Book Convention near you.