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Original and polished content to help you create a memorable and effective letter, webpage or application package.



Precision focus on improving the content, structure, syntax and style of both scholarly texts and fiction.



One-on-One sessions to fit your schedule and help achieve your writing and fluency goals.


Looking through fiction for inconsistencies, believability and clarity.


What Past Clients Had To Say

Heather makes your life easy at a remarkably reasonable rate. Pleasant, patient, and funny and extraordinarily competent... a kind but firmly directed personal trainer more than mere coach. I retained her for help with academic essays for a part-time Master's program at the U of Edinburgh and within a few days of me asking for her help, she was helping me write, pitch and publish articles, co-creating web content, and revolutionizing and precisely organizing all of my marketing efforts in writing. When you are working with Heather, you have her total attention and almost uncanny actionable insight. She is results driven, knows the unwritten rules of being published in the right venue for your aims and gets it done.

Charles Joseph, Esq.

Founding Partner, Joseph & Kirschenbaum, LLP

As an attorney, the art of argument is central to my day-to-day life. Law school taught me about the contours of the law, but Heather Stein played an integral role in teaching me about the art of argument. Heather was my teaching assistant for two writing intensive medieval history courses while I was an undergraduate at Johns Hopkins University. For every writing assignment I turned in, Heather took it down to the studs so she could show me where my structure was working and where it wasn’t. My papers were always drenched in red ink, and it was clear she cared about helping me become a better writer. More than that, Heather took the time to learn my style and to make suggestions that maintained the integrity of my stylistic quirks while strengthening the arguments I sought to make. I’ve always loved writing, but Heather helped me really engage with the process and to ultimately become a better, more efficient writer. She challenged me to think critically. And the way she taught texts changed the way I looked at reading. Before taking my first class with Heather, I only read for information. But after taking my first class with Heather, I learned to read for both information and argument. This helped me see the ways in which a writer could manipulate facts and create multiple, opposing arguments. For my field, this has been particularly invaluable.

Rian C. Dawson

Litigation Associate, Honigman Miller Schwartz and Cohn LLP

I had expected my final internship report to be easy to write, but with the deadline looming I found I didn’t know where to start. Heather helped me figure out the requirements, asked me questions to find my answers, and typed up my responses before editing them into a final paper that I submitted less than 24 hrs. Thanks!

Max Horwood

Systems Administrator, eStruxture Data Centers

Heather has been my go-to editor and proofreader for the last two years. She has regularly and reliably played an instrumental role in getting me published (through careful revision of grammar, style, and content) and helped me put together sharper application packages (ultimately landing me an academic job). When dealing with material she is not familiar with, she independently researches to make sure she grasps the subject matter and knows the contours of the field. She is particularly good at making connections across disciplines and often comes up with unexpected angles from which to solve problems.

Dr. Jean-Olivier Richard

Assistant Professor, St. Michael's College in the University of Toronto

Imagine how good Star Wars might have been if someone had punched George Lucas in the eye during development once or twice. What did I need as a writer? I needed someone to be honest with me. Anyone can beta read a book and say, “Wow, that was really great!” For some writers that is all they want, but I wanted my book to be good, really good. I needed someone who would be fair and blunt. I needed someone would read my work and point out bad ideas. I needed the proverbial punch in the eye. Heather is that person. With her ideas and comments my book is on its way to being something I can be proud of. She pointed out errors in my story that I had missed several times. She wasn’t afraid to say, “This doesn’t make sense.” She took her time and gave my book a fair and honest review. Without question, I would work with Heather again.

Steven M Nedeau

Author of The Soul Web, Fiverr Client

Heather is one of the brightest, hardest working and dedicated teachers I had the honor of studying under during my undergraduate tenure at Johns Hopkins. Heather's passion for the study of history (Medieval history in this case) was apparent in her careful, methodical approach to lectures, assignments and exams. Complex topics and conversations became fluid and tangible.

Alex Shtarkman

Investment Banking Analyst, Raymond James

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